Saturday, October 31

UCLA-leased Jackie Robinson Stadium facilities used by LAPD to detain protestors

This post was updated June 4 at 2:25 a.m. Editor’s note: This article refers to protesters by their first names because of safety concerns following online harassment on Twitter. Read more...

Photo: The Los Angeles Police Department used the Jackie Robinson Stadium parking lot as a detainment center. Several detainees said they sat handcuffed without access to food or water for hours. (Liz Ketcham/Photo editor)

Westwood protest continues despite cancellation, police detain at least 10

“No justice, no peace,” chanted hundreds of protesters in Westwood Monday afternoon. The protesters gathered despite social media announcements that the protest had been canceled. They chanted “Black lives matter,” and “Don’t shoot,” on sidewalks near the Wilshire Federal Building in Westwood. Read more...

Photo: Dozens of protesters marched onto the 405 Freeway at a protest near the Wilshire Federal Building in Westwood Monday. (Axel Lopez/Daily Bruin senior staff)

An effective ally must keep their ears open, remember to be silent is to condone

It is a privilege to be able to turn off the news and continue with normal life. The videos depicting instances of police brutality from this past week are disturbing, horrifying and ugly. Read more...

Photo: Being an ally means more than just posting on social media – it means actively trying to elevate black voices and using privilege to improve the lives of others. (Jintak Han/Daily Bruin senior staff)

Coaches, athletes turn to social media to express thoughts on death of George Floyd

Since the death of George Floyd on May 25, protests have broken out across the nation and people have spoken up. The athletes that call UCLA home are no different, and many have made their voices heard on social media over the past week. Read more...

Photo: As protests continue throughout the nation, UCLA athletes and coaches have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the current climate.(Jintak Han/Daily Bruin senior staff)

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