Thursday, September 24

Op-ed: Passing Proposition 16 is a vital step in allowing equitable opportunities for all


Racial equity is on the ballot for Californians this November. Proposition 16 is an amendment that would repeal Proposition 209, a 1996 measure that eliminates affirmative action in California.

Editorial: UC should follow UCLA, allow student groups more direct say in governing decisions

UCLA’s student government has taken steps to elevate underrepresented voices. And frankly, it’s more than the University of California could be doing. The Undergraduate Students Association Council Office of the President announced a new Congressional Advisory Board composed of student organizations and advocacy groups to review USAC’s surplus allocations, introduce joint resolutions with the council and address USAC on issues concerning its member organizations. Read more...

Editorial: UCLA must support divestment board over Public Safety Advisory Council

UCLA’s projected plan to increase its UCPD budget by more than $500,000 this year despite clear opposing demands from students defies logic. This increased funding comes amid protests calling to defund police over numerous complaints of police use of force against people of color, calls to increase funds for community programs, about $1.8 billion in revenue loss as of July to the University of California because of COVID-19 and a pandemic that will limit the number of students on campus. Read more...

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