Tuesday, May 24

Opinion: Learning to embrace my Filipino heritage through environment of acceptance

(Megan Fu/Daily Bruin)


Growing up, I was quite the anomaly to the white people of Kansas City’s suburbs. Was he Chinese? Was he Mexican? I’d play along with their guessing game, answering why I had a Spanish name or why my eyes became really tiny when I smiled.

Opinion: Supporting survivors of genocide starts with remembrance, education

They say trauma can last a lifetime. But for genocide survivors, it can last multiple. According to the United Nations, genocide can be officially defined as a set of acts that are committed “with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” Many of these heinous crimes are not spoken about openly today, but the trauma they create often has a generational effect on the descendants of those targeted. Read more...

Editorial: Elected policing officials must respect freedom of the press

Editor’s note: Editorials are intended to serve as the jumping-off point, not the conclusion, to discussion. As part of the Daily Bruin’s commitment to its readers, the board hopes to present a responsible and clear analysis of relevant events and news items affecting the lives of those we serve, but our editorials are not representative of the Daily Bruin’s views on issues as a whole. Read more...

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