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About the Daily Bruin Editorial Board

Mission Statement

The Daily Bruin Editorial Board offers the consolidated opinions of veteran members of the Bruin on topics relevant to UCLA. The Board generally publishes one to two editorials every week throughout the year.

Editorials are intended to serve as the jumping point, and not the conclusion, to discussion.

The board meets to discuss issues on campus and within the larger University of California system. Editorial positions are determined by majority vote and unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the board. The board operates separately from the newsroom.

The board stands behind the preservation of the University of California’s academic mission and believes that administration, at all levels, should be held accountable to students, faculty and staff. This includes, but is not limited to, state and county legislators, UC and UCLA administrators and elected student officers.

The members of the board believe an independent and accessible student press is critical to ensuring a well-informed student population. 

As part of the Daily Bruin’s commitment to its readers, the board hopes to present a responsible and clear analysis of relevant events and news items affecting the lives of those we serve. We encourage all readers to reach out to our board members and to respond to our editorials.

The Board

Genesis Qu is the Daily Bruin editor in chief. He was previously the 2020-2021 campus politics editor and a contributor for The Stack. He is also a fourth-year political science and statistics student at UCLA.

Cecile Wu is the Daily Bruin managing editor. She was previously the 2020-2021 Quad editor and prior to that, the assistant Quad editor. She is a third-year sociology and statistics student at UCLA.

Sabrina Huang is the Daily Bruin Opinion editor. She was previously a 2020-2021 assistant Opinion editor and an opinion columnist. She is also a third-year public affairs student at UCLA.

Payton Kammerer is currently an assistant editor for the Opinion section. Before becoming an editor, they served two years as an Opinion columnist. They are a fourth-year pursuing a bachelor’s degree in environmental science with minors in conservation biology and public affairs.

Noah Danesh is a News reporter for the science and health beat. He is also a Video reporter as well as a Photo contributor and Quad contributor.

Samantha Fredberg is currently a News staffer and a Design contributor. She is also a third-year math/economics student.

Sarah Karim is currently an Opinion columnist for the Daily Bruin. She is a second-year political science transfer student. She also serves as a member on the 2021-2022 editorial board.

Anya Sastrena is currently an Opinion columnist, editorial board member and News reporter for the features and student life beat. She is also a second-year economics student with an accounting minor at UCLA.

Chelsea Westman is currently a Photo staff member for the Daily Bruin. She has written for News and Opinion. She is a fourth-year transfer student and plans on pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication with a minor in geography. 

Javier Jauregui Ramirez is a member of the 2021-2022 Editorial Board and a contributor for the Photo section. He is a third-year student double majoring in Chicana/o and Central American studies and political science at UCLA.

Emily Samuels is currently a writer for The Quad as well as a member of the Editorial Board. She is also a second-year psychology student at UCLA.


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