Monday, July 6

Quarantine Diaries: International Students

As borders closed and travel was restricted, international students had a decision to make. Earlier spring quarter, we took a look at how students from abroad have adjusted to the quarantine.

Graduation in 2020 | Daily Bruin

Graduation in 2020 has become very different from what most seniors expected. As members of the class of 2020, UCLA students Michelle Vo and Justin Wolfman discuss their college experiences, graduation and the significance of college, as well as their plans for the future. More »

An Ending Note from the Daily Bruin ‘20 | Daily Bruin -30-

Since we cannot say goodbye in person, the next option is to bring old memories back in a video conference with our seniors. Graduating Daily Bruin members have the opportunity to write a -30- column at the end of their journey in the newsroom as a small remembrance of memories made through the Daily Bruin. More »

Feasting in memory of Souplantation

Earlier this month, Souplantation announced the closure of its 97 buffet restaurants. To commemorate the loss of the soup and salad establishment, assistant Photo editor Kanishka Mehra prepared a couple of its buffet recipes. More »

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