Thursday, February 2

University of California enrollment expansion

With a surge of interest in the University of California, the UC system may increase student enrollment by tens of thousands of new seats in the next few years. Does UCLA have the ability to accommodate increased enrollment? We asked students and staff what they thought.

Demystifying the Dilemma

UCLA’s annual Common Experience program in the 2021-2022 school year focused primarily on the 2020 documentary “The Social Dilemma.” Catch a glimpse of Daily Bruin Video’s exclusive interview with documentary creator Jeff Orlowski-Yang and Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen as they explain the underlying perniciousness of social media. More »

Westwood Trader Joe’s favorites

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store staple for the Westwood community here at UCLA. Continue watching as Westwood community members share their favorite products from Trader Joe’s and why they love them. More »

Club Sports at UCLA

All kinds of sports can be found here at UCLA, with club and intramural sports offering students a way to play their favorite sports or try out new ones. More »

UCLA Lingo Dictionary

Like many pockets of the world, the UCLA campus has its own slang terms and phrases. Daily Bruin hopes to demystify this “lingo” for the incoming new Bruins this fall. More »

Video: Special Olympics at UCLA

UCLA Special Olympics provides a space for promoting inclusion, building a friendly community and honing basketball skills. Co-executives Zoe Day, a fourth-year neuroscience student, and Clayton Brossia, a fourth-year cognitive science student, as well as Special Olympics athletes, share why Special Olympics at UCLA is so important. More »

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