Sunday, May 16

Day in the Life: Ramadan

For many Muslims, celebrating Ramadan felt far from normal this year. From the religious holiday’s importance to their experiences fasting, explore how Muslim Bruins are observing Ramadan – and how the pandemic has affected their typical celebrations.

Reopening UCLA in Fall: Is it time?

Bruins will likely be back on campus this fall – but many may be wondering what this return will look like. UCLA students and COVID-19 Response and Recovery Task Force members discuss the university’s reopening plans, recent suggestions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the possible risks and benefits of returning to campus. More »

The Politics of Voting

In 2020, public opinion surrounding the process of voting in a U.S. presidential election became largely conflicting. UCLA professors and a UCLA undergraduate student discuss the state of democracy – and what it means for Americans to vote. More »

Politics In Your Eyes | Health Policy

Political science is not the only field of study that deals with politics – health care has also been a topic of heated debate. Examine the current health policy reforms with professor Gerald Kominski, from campaign proposals to standing obstacles. More »

Needleworking Bruins and Their Creations

With much more time spent at home, many Bruins have turned to needleworking for a sense of wellness amid the pandemic. UCLA students share their at-home crafting hobbies, the inspirations behind their creative work and tips for those looking to start. More »

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