Thursday, September 24

Booking It: ‘An Unkindness of Ghosts’ Part II

(Emily Dembinski/Daily Bruin)


Kristin Snyder: I’m Kristin Snyder. Paige Hua: And I’m Paige Hua, and this is Daily Bruin Arts and Entertainment’s newest series “Booking It.” Kristin Snyder: Here on “Booking It,” Paige and I will be flexing our abilities as English majors to discuss a book of our choosing.

In the Know: Navigating the pandemic’s impact on mental health

Daily Bruin · In the Know: Navigating the pandemic’s impact on mental health Kristin Snyder: My name is Kristin Snyder, and this is “In the Know.” Coronavirus has impacted almost every aspect of normal life – even previously menial tasks like grocery shopping now face added challenges of wearing masks, swerving out of people’s way and standing in long lines. More »

The Online Edition: The Creativity Show

Although not everyone has the bandwidth for it right now, a lot of people are spending their time in isolation working on creative projects. Here at the Daily Bruin, we’ve loved seeing people’s stories, art and food – almost as much as we’ve loved making our own – and it inspired us to bring you this episode packed with stories about creativity. More »

The Online Edition: The Adjustment Show

Here at the Daily Bruin, we’ve all experienced the same issues that have taught people around the country remote work just isn’t the same. After taking some time to collect our thoughts, we’ve come together to bring you the first episode of a new podcast, featuring stories from all five of our content sections. More »

Out of Bounds: It Has All Built Up to This

With the quarter winding down, UCLA men’s basketball’s season is preparing to play its most important games of the season. On this week’s episode of “Out of Bounds,” Sports editor Sam Connon, Daily Bruin senior staffer Ryan Smith and special guest assistant Sports editor Jack Perez break down the Bruins’ most recent loss to the Trojans on Saturday, as well as the path ahead of them in the Pac-12 and NCAA tournaments. More »

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