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This Week: April 12

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Updates from the war in Gaza. President Biden unveils a new student debt relief plan. Podcasts editor Jack Garland and Podcasts contributor Sofia Alcomendas discuss these stories and more.

Bruin to Bruin: Leonard Kleinrock

Leonard Kleinrock is considered one of the founding fathers of the internet, and he has served on the UCLA faculty for over 60 years. Podcasts contributor Marty Johnson sits down with Professor Kleinrock to discuss his life, career, and advice he has for UCLA students. More »

Bruin to Bruin: Mary Nguyen

Mary Nguyen is a UCLA alumnus, Emmy-nominated reporter and lawyer. She sits down with Podcasts contributor Ava Johnson to discuss her career in journalism and law and advice she has for UCLA students. More »

This Week: April 5

Aid workers killed in Gaza. Baltimore Key Bridge collapses. Podcasts contributors Kayla Hayempour and Lucy Netchvolodoff discuss with Podcasts editor Jack Garland. City and crime editor Sharla Steinman joins the show to discuss Pluto TV rally on April Fools’ Day. More »

Bruin to Bruin: Debbie Feinberg

Debbie Feinberg is a UCLA alumnus, philanthropist and owner of the marketing, communications and branding firm Jumpstart San Diego. She joins Podcasts contributor Lauren Miller to discuss her long career in marketing and to share advice she has for Bruins. More »

This Week: March 15

The AI Act passes the European Parliament. A bill to ban TikTok passes the House. Podcasts contributor Lucy Netchvolodoff and Podcasts Editor Jack Garland discuss these stories and more. More »

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