Saturday, May 18

Bruin to Bruin: Lauren Barnes

Photo credit: Helen Quach


Professional soccer player and UCLA alumnus Lauren Barnes discusses her career and advice for UCLA students with Podcasts contributor Aidan Teeger. Aidan Teeger: Welcome back to Bruin to Bruin.

Bruin to Bruin: Yoni Fogelman

Classical composer and UCLA student Yoni Fogelman sits down with Podcasts contributor Olivia Miller to discuss his work and advice for UCLA students. Olivia Miller: My name is Olivia Miller and I am a podcast contributor at the Daily Bruin. More »

This Week: Encampment at UCLA

“Our campus is in deep pain,” said UCLA Chancellor Gene Block in a statement released Thursday. After a week of tension, violence, and chaos, the Daily Bruin News editors join the show to discuss recent events on campus—from the establishment of the UC Divest Coalition and Students for Justice in Palestine at UCLA encampment to the policy dispersal Thursday morning. More »

Code Red: Episode 2

This three-part series explores the causes and consequences of extremism in the online world. In this episode, Podcasts contributors Izzy Greig and Ciara Terry discuss how technology can foster extremism. More »

Bruin to Bruin: Bonique Edwards

Entrepreneur, leadership development coach, and diversity, equity and inclusion expert Bonique Edwards discusses her time at UCLA and advice for UCLA students with Podcasts contributor Reese Dahlgren. More »

This Week: April 26

Israel strikes back at Iran. Protests emerge at college campuses. Podcasts contributors Tilly Jones and Hela Khalil discuss these stories and more with Podcasts editor Jack Garland. More »

Code Red: Episode 1

Conspiracy theories and extremist beliefs seem more widespread on the internet today. You may even know someone who is increasingly consumed with such content. This miniseries seeks to explain why people are attracted to extremist content and how online platforms foster extremism. More »