Thursday, October 29

The Online Edition: The Adjustment Show


Here at the Daily Bruin, we’ve all experienced the same issues that have taught people around the country remote work just isn’t the same. After taking some time to collect our thoughts, we’ve come together to bring you the first episode of a new podcast, featuring stories from all five of our content sections.

Out of Bounds: It Has All Built Up to This

With the quarter winding down, UCLA men’s basketball’s season is preparing to play its most important games of the season. On this week’s episode of “Out of Bounds,” Sports editor Sam Connon, Daily Bruin senior staffer Ryan Smith and special guest assistant Sports editor Jack Perez break down the Bruins’ most recent loss to the Trojans on Saturday, as well as the path ahead of them in the Pac-12 and NCAA tournaments. More »

Out of Bounds: It’s Kind of a Loaded Question

UCLA men’s basketball defended its home court and has now won seven of its last nine games, so Sports editor Sam Connon, Daily Bruin senior staffer Ryan Smith and assistant Sports editor Jacqueline Dzwonczyk broke it all down on this week’s episode of “Out of Bounds.” Also on this episode, the staff talks about UCLA women’s basketball’s home split against the Oregon schools, the upcoming UCLA beach volleyball season opener and how UCLA baseball looked in its first series of the season.   More »

Out of Bounds: The Best It Gets

“Out of Bounds” is the Daily Bruin’s newly revived sports podcast. On this week’s show, Sports editor Sam Connon and Daily Bruin senior staffer Ryan Smith discuss UCLA men’s basketball’s turnaround weekend, recruiting news surrounding UCLA football during National Signing Day, a rough bump in the road for UCLA women’s basketball and what the future of the show could hold. More »